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3D Now on Google Plus

This is the first post of "3D", which is a site dedicated to expanding on news, further explaining, or connecting it to relevant topics. 

Modern, across-the-board sources of media are all included - mainstream, alternative, independent, and social media, as well as blogs, print & broadcast media, and scientific journals and studies.  Additionally, where possible, expert opinion or other credible perspectives will be given through question & response to guests, which will include original authors, members or representatives of organizations involved, and other contributors.

The format is heavily leaning on the workings of Google+ social media, and Blogger.  The main benefits being consolidated comments and the expanded format of a blog.

I want to check the auto-post from Blogger to G+.  I need a couple volunteers to check out the comments here, and how they function between these 2 services.

Who's out there?